• Offer pre-travel education, including strategies to connect with your adoptive child(ren) in country, maintain connections with your child(ren) remaining in your home during travel, and ways to connect between trips.
  • Walk you through your adoptive child's thoughts/feelings.
  • Provide practical explanations for how your adoptive child's history (abandonment, trust, orphanage behavior) will impact upon their daily life in your home.
  • Take you through the rooms in your home, utilizing strategies to connect in each room, while decreasing stimulation, as a means to improving family dynamic.
  • Discuss ways to reduce overstimulation/stress in your child's life, for smoother transitions.
  • Offer tips for when to introduce your child to family, friends, daycare, sitter, or school. Give proactive techniques to prep your child, the teacher, others, for more positive results.
  • Provide a sounding board for you, giving voice to your deepest feelings about your ever-changing lifestyle, the behaviors, and concerns.
  • Work with you to identify what trips your child's triggers, then strategize to change those behaviors that are concerning (i.e. tantrums, biting, hitting, spitting, sleep issues).


  • Offer tips to deal with the language barrier and the need for increased social skills.
  • Provide practical approaches to increasing cultural awareness and diversity in your home.
  • Research resources in your area.
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