Thanks for checking in. My name is Deb Levindofske and I am a licensed social worker. My entire social work career has been dedicated to working on behalf of children (either through residential treatment, teen groups, Big Brothers & Sisters programs, or international adoption). The adoption experience has been quite unique because it has afforded me the opportunity to work with so many adoptive families and social workers nationwide.


Clearly, there is a great need for adoption coaching/mentoring on the national level. Adoption is a lifelong journey, with peaks and valleys; this is the nature of adoption. I have developed some very unique and effective strategies for connecting with your adoptive child(ren). Strategies involve increasing attachment and bonding, decreasing over-stimulation, and minimizing transitional stressors of all family members. A proactive approach to this journey will positively impact upon your new family dynamic.


I have created Emotions of Adoption, LLC to help coach/mentor you through your adoption journey. Go to the testimonials tab and see what other adoptive parents have to say about their experience. If you are interested in utilizing my coaching/mentoring skills, please see contact information above. I look forward to getting to know you and your family through our one-on-one phone sessions.


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Deb Levindofske, LSW

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Deb Levindofske

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